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Learn kung fu with "Sifo" Sapir Tal!

Southern Mantis Kung Fu is a unique fighting method that develops self-discipline, physical fitness and self-defense skills.
“Sifo” Sapir Tal, a world-renowned Kung Fu expert with 30 years of experience and head of the Southern Mantis Method in Israel.
In light of the demand, we have opened several additional cycles in which the last places remain. Hurry to reserve your place!

Olamot community center  

Mondays and Thursdays
Groups for children, teenagers and adults

10 Eliyahu David Shulzinger St, Petah Tiqwa (Studio Hall named after Rashish, Rosemary Complex)

Akhdot community center  

Mondays and Thursdays
Groups for children and teenagers

39 Shprincek St, Petah Tiqwa
(Akhdot Community Center)

Hadar Moshavot community center

Mondays and Thursdays
Groups for children, teenagers and adults

4 Shraga Rafali St, Petah Tiqwa
(Ramon School)

Lazarus Academy community center

Sundays and Wednesdays
Groups for children, teenagers and adults

47 HaBaal Shem Tov St, Petah Tiqwa (Lazarus Community Center)

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Southern mantis method

Southern Mantis Kung-Fu is a complete and complete method of fighting (Pai). A lot of self-discipline, training and persistence are required to learn this method of kung fu.

The method consists of more than just a few punches and kicks and is intended for serious and mature people only. It is suitable for both men and women and provides many fitness and health benefits.

Our Lessons

Adults Lessons

Great for self defense
Improves discipline and self-confidence
Increase flexibility
Relieves stress
Live a healthier life
Improve your focus on daily tasks

Kids Lessons

  • Improving Behaviour at Home/School
    Build up discipline
    Build Self-Confidence
    Help dealing with Bullying

Private Lessons

  • Learn directly from Sifu Sapir
    Progress quickly
    One to One feedback


  • Weapons seminars
    Cooperation with Masters from other systems
    Sifu Sapir does local and international Kung Fu and Spikey seimnars

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Start learning southern praying mantis kung fu today!

Learn the deadly and effective kung fu style that combines internal and external strength training, for a healthier life full of chi (energy).
Improve self-defense, flexibility, ability to concentrate through physical training and energetic exercises.
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Southern Mantis Chinese Kung Fu Academy

Our address: 47 HaBaal Shem Tov St, Petah Tikva
Phone: 052-250-8570
Email: sifusapir@gmail.com