Wilbur Rimes's Story

ווילברט ריימסI have been a student of Sifu Yee since 1990. I started the study of Southern Pray Mantis gung fu in the mid 70's. My first teacher was Eddy Moy who taught Chu Gar Tong Long and later I studied Jook Lum Tong Long with Gin Foon Mark, after a while I went back again to further my studies in Chu Gar under Sammy Wong. I began to study with Sifu Yee in 1990.

It has been quite a learning experience since then. I have learned a lot about the Jook Lum system under Sifu Yee's guidance and teaching. Sifu Yee's teaching is very well structured. He is the only Southern Mantis teacher that I know of that presents and explains the philosophy and theories of Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai. He can not only explain, then he can demonstrate them quite effectively. Sifu Yee is the only Jook Lum teacher that is teaching the rare art of Jook Lum Ting Sing Chi Gung and Noi Gung. This was past on to him by his teacher 4th Generation Grand Master Lum Sang.

Every year at the annual Student reunion Sifu Yee spends at least 8 hours explaining the system from its basic foundation Sun Yen (body Posture) and Ma Bo (stance) up to advanced levels of Siem Kuen and Sop Bot Dim. Sifu Yee has greatly enhanced my knowledge of Southern Praying Mantis Gung Fu and I will continue to improve myself under his teaching. Dr. Wilbur Rimes
Chicago, IL
(773) 752-1462



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